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About Us​

Since 2016, our Melbourne based site, Asura Creative, has been providing professional website development services to a variety of Parliament members and Community leaders to exercise pristine Website development and designs.

Asura Creative acts as a civil servant to help advance community engagement through website development. Our primary mission is to provide you the right resources to enhance your online presence for your local electorate.

Our team is not affiliated with a political party. We service a diverse group of clientele so you can be sure your message gets the unbiased professionalism it requires.

Melbourne Flinders Street

Roma Britnell MP

Asura Creative recently had the opportunity and privilege to work with Roma Britnell, a State Member of Parliament representing the South West Coast who serves as the Shadow Minister for Rural Roads and Ports and Freight.

Our website development and designs for members of Parliament, like Roma, truly helped Roma’s website become more navigationaly advanced and proactive in the transparency between Roma and her audience.

We designed her website with the following features

  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Posts
  • Facebook and Twitter Feed
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Petition Forms

Web Design Inspiration

Use the following websites as inspiration for your website content!
Each website is due in part to their respective owners and feature a great set of resources to galvanize your creativity into action.

Sarah Henderson
© Sarah Henderson
Peter Dutton Website Inspiration1
© Peter Dutton
Josh Frydenberg Website Inspiration
© Josh Frydenberg

The possibilities are endless!

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Asura Creative Services

We are prepared to build your online presence to keep you a step ahead of your political campaigns.

Website Development


Never settle for less and work with Asura Creative to give you the best foot forward in website development and design! We offer a diverse range of development features for your website to be suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Website Analytics


Asura Creative has a pristine understanding to which are applied to optimise our clients websites. We prioritise website exposure and we exercise our best foot forward to attract potential new supporters, visitors and customers for your website.

Website Maintenance


Need assistance on updating your website? Asura Creative helps to maintain your website and to keep it on track with trends in the market, to virtually any assistance you may need for the overall preservation and growth of your website.

What can be included in your website

Not only do we curate the best aesthetic for your website, but we also put top priority to the functionality and usefulness of your website as a whole.
Check out our features to see what you can add to your pages to curate your unique website!



Newsletters are a great way to provide transparency amongst your community with just a click of a button. Allow your visitors to download a digital copy of your
community newsletter through Asura Creative! We can easily host and display downloadable content on your website.

Website Analytics


The behind the scenes of website development is website analytics and data. We will decode the analytics of your website to help you better understand the
functionality and the overall potential of your website. Data when analysed right, will
enable you to make smarter decisions.



Create and organise your events! Whether it’s a council meeting or a community outreach event, we have features that help to create direct booking features for your users at their convenience, anywhere and anytime.



Make it easier on yourself when it comes to fundraising. Fundraising comes with a lot of organisation, speaking with various personnel, etc. To make it easier for you,
we can set up your website so that you can accept charitable gifts through customisable fundraiser forms.

We provide you options to view fundraised statistics reports, manage fundraisers and to help keep track of your websites analytics and data. We’ll help save you from all the paperwork!



We offer petition and survey forms that you can provide for your users as a means
to collect valuable data from your constituents. We understand that having data from your audience is a crucial point in the world of politics, to provide you thorough and transparent information.

Whether it’s an issue in your local area or a community 
survey, forms are a great way to listen to people on a local level.

Content Management System


We know how busy your life can get with all that you do. Asura Creative develops website using the WordPress Content Management System. It allows your team to have the luxury of managing the content for you on your website!

Upload daily news and media releases right on the spot.

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